7 Steps to Bringing Skill Samurai

to Your Community


Meet Your Business Coach

Your coach will work with you throughout the launch process. From the moment you sign your agreement until you hold your first class, they will make sure that you have the answers to all of your questions.

You and your coach will have regular weekly calls to help keep you on track and hit your targets.

Attend Skill Samurai University

Learn the key components of running a successful Skill Samurai Franchise.

Center Management

Learn about our Center Management System. Learn how we manage employees, students, marketing, and more.

Sales Management

We don't expect you to be a sales expert. We help you identify your customers, book free trials, present our programs, deal with objections and close more clients.

Learning Management

Learn about what makes our courses so attractive to parents and kids. Familiarize yourself with our learning system, and our teaching methods.

Choose a business model that will

help you reach your goals.

On The Go

Hold your programs and camps in rented classrooms in a school, co-working space, or other child-friendly venues. Our camps can be held in partnership with local colleges and private schools.

Brick and Mortar Center

Start or grow into a permanent location. Become a vital part of your community. Kids come to you. Education, school holiday camps and Birthday parties; 3 recession-resistant businesses in one!

Master Franchise

Got a bigger vision? If you've got experience in supporting multi-site businesses, grab a leading role in one of Australia's Brightest new Franchises. If you've got a passion for people and processes, let's talk.


  • Minimum 10 Chairs
  • Desks
  • Parent Seating Area


  • Minimum 10 Intel Core i5 (or newer laptops) 8Gb of RAM, screen size of 14″ or higher


  • Minimum 30 MB/s
  • Wi-Fi router with more than 10 simultaneous connections

Robotics kits:

  • Vex Go
  • Vex iQ

3D Printer

Assemble your team

The best way to ensure your success is to build a winning team.


Center Director


Hire the best candidates. Advertise your jobs, interview, and hire.


New Employees work through our training and onboarding platform.

Recruit and Train Coaches

We provide job descriptions, job posts, and screening questions.
The chosen candidate creates and presents a lesson plan.

We provide HR manuals, a training guide and 40 hours of online training material for your coaches.

  • Has experience teaching children, and can keep their attention.
  • Experience with computer programming, either formally or as a hobby.
  • Be passionate about helping students with STEM
  • Be engaging, charismatic, and a team player. 

Start Marketing and Selling

Marketing Plan

Develop a marketing plan and set up your sales infrastructure.


We build your local landing page. We create your social media pages, and we set up your Google My Business Page.

Advertising Campaigns

We set up and manage your Facebook campaigns and Google ads campaigns.


Begin building your network of customers, candidates, and partners in your community.

Demos and Free Trials

The goal is to get as many kids as possible to try our programs. If they try it, they'll love it and register.

Hold a Grand-Opening Event to launch your classes

Celebrate the opening of your learning center by inviting children, parents, local media, and government officials for a fun event.
The goal is to have a fun memorable event that your community will result in more students signing up.