The Future-Proof STEM
Franchise Opportunity

Preparing children for tomorrow’s workplace,

while helping entrepreneurs build a better
financial future.

What Is Skill Samurai?

A one-of-a kind education franchise.

Improve your future by helping to prepare children for theirs.

• Proven curriculum
• For children ages 7–18
• We go beyond standard supplemental STEM offerings
• Industry-Recognized Certification
• Real-world IT concepts, techniques, and principles
• Career Pathways

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We incorporate games and websites that students love!

Engaging students with relevant content
sparks interest in STEM-based disciplines,
like coding, engineering, and web design.

Why Own a Skill Samurai
Education Franchise?


The need for advanced IT and programming in the workforce is continuing to increase. Level UP prepares students for the jobs that will be in demand in the future by focusing on real programming languages as opposed to drag-and-drop programs other STEM academies use to simplify coding processes.


Unlike many other STEM programs that offer only either mobile partnerships or a brick-and-mortar facility, Skill Samurai offers both! Our mobile, on-the-go division is secured through partnerships with schools, churches, community centers, and other existing complementary businesses within the community. Owners can choose to begin their business with just the mobile portion, the learning center facility, or both!


Our locations can be operated with only 1-3 part-time employees, where other STEM education concepts require approximately 25. We also have a successful, proven model in place to hire university and college computer science students as teachers and coaches in order to ensure quality instruction.


Our Franchise Owners are actively involved in their communities, becoming a well-known presence as they network and partner with various youth organizations and outreach groups. Owners become leaders in the area of children’s technology education as they build brand awareness through community events.

Skill Samurai has Stem certified teachers and meets CSTA standards which set us apart from other STEM concepts.

What Makes Us Better Than Other Coding
Franchise Options

Certified instructors teach a robust curriculum with over 150 courses.

Education and fun don’t have to be mutually exclusive concepts.

Unique, effective approach to preparing kids for what lies ahead.

2 Education
Franchises in 1


Kids can interact with certified instructors and make friends who share their interest in technology. Students learn and have fun while enhancing their skills in an engaging and inspiring environment.


Don’t wait for business to come to you. On-The-Go brings Level UP to your community. Partnerships with community programs take our curriculum to kids anywhere they are, so they can have access to the technology skills they need.

Invest in the Best
For the Future

Education and tutoring is a nearly $103 billion industry, while the markets for birthday parties and summer camps are $25 billion and $2 billion, respectively. Level UP offers a unique opportunity to capitalize on three surging, recession-resistant markets for one competitively-priced investment.



(Single Territory)


MOBILE $86,615 – $118,950

BRICK & MORTAR $126,665 – $287,950

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