Industry Overview

“If we want a nation where our future leaders, neighbors, and workers have the ability to understand and solve some of the complex challenges of today and tomorrow, and to meet the demands of the dynamic and evolving workforce, building students’ skills, content knowledge, and fluency in STEM fields is essential.”

U.S. Department of Education

Hot Markets

Skill Samurai occupies the Children’s Education and Tutoring industry since the advocacy for STEM education has become a growing trend among educators and parents alike.

As our job market continues to become dependent upon technology, with computers playing a substantial role in virtually every industry, the necessity for quality STEM education that builds real skills has never been greater. Since many school districts lack funding for cutting-edge technology and skilled instructors to teach computer science concepts, the number of IT-related jobs is on pace to outweigh the number of qualified workers to fill them.

Supplemental STEM education programs like Skill Samurai fill the unmet need by offering parents a way to ensure that their children have the computer science skills that will provide them a competitive edge as they enter the workforce.

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With multiple, complementary revenue streams,

Skill Samurai taps into three children’s services growth segments:


STEM enrichment programs like Level UP are currently a combined $131 billion industry and are projected to increase exponentially in the future.

The education and tutoring industry, specifically, is $7 billion and is referred to as a “recession-resistant industry,” due to the fact that even in times of economic downturn, parents tend to prioritize their spending on goods and services for their children, especially those that impact their future.


Often dismissed as a low-revenue segment of the market, summer and school vacation camps are experiencing a significant increase in demand.

Working parents are constantly looking for high-quality camp experiences to supplement their child’s educational and emotional growth during school vacations. In the U.S., parents spend over $3 billion a year on kids camps, including STEM education programs, when school is not in session.


Every child has a birthday, and parents are increasingly looking into innovative and unique ways to celebrate. Now a $25 billion industry, birthday parties at STEM education franchises like Level UP are becoming big business, as parents continue to seek higher-value “edutainment” options for their children’s celebrations.

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